About Me

About Me:

I am a busy woman with a 12 month project to become a functional adult and get my life together, (and therefore never again cry into my toothbrush because all the grownup things I should be doing are piling up too much – yes it’s happened).

Emotional breakdown on a weeknight

I was brushing my teeth one night, stressing out about all the grownup things I needed to do. Overdue dentist appointments, birthday gifts for Dad not purchased, and a vague sense of unease about my career and retirement fund were just the start.

How does one keep track of all this stuff? I thought, trying not to drool toothpaste. (Actually, my brain picked a 4-letter word that also started with ‘s’ but there may be children reading this.)

I realised that the amount of things a person has to stay on top of as a ‘functional adult’ is astronomical!

Working a 55-hour week in a busy professional role didn’t help my stress levels either, nor did it leave me feeling the least bit like doing any of these things after work. And weekends? Forget about it. On my two days off, the last thing I want to do is waste a whole day faffing around trying to understand if I’m getting the best out of my health cover extras.

But I have a plan! This year I’m breaking down all the things functional adults need to know, do and keep track of, and working through them. I like to describe my self as “lazy like a fox”; if there’s a smarter way to get it done so I can sit back, drink wine and watch cartoons, I will find it.

I’m not a detail person, but I’m good with setting up systems and processes so that I don’t have to keep track of the details on a daily basis. I do struggle with staying on track, which is why I’m making this a public project. If you’re reading this, please get in touch and hold me accountable for actually booking that dentist appointment; maybe I can do the same for you!