About Me

About Me:


I’m a high-energy, low drama person who can’t stand to see amazing humans missing out on their dream jobs simply because they were never taught how to get them. 80% of people are dissatisfied with their current roles; I’d like to help change that.

I’m here to give you sensible career support, without the jargon, so that you can achieve what you want to achieve when it comes to your career. I’m particularly passionate about graduate recruitment and people returning to work after career breaks.

The Basics:

  • I’ve worked successfully in recruitment for an international organisation with 20,000 employees worldwide, winning performance awards and helping people achieve their dreams
  • In that role I’ve read over 10,000 resumes and application forms, and interviewed more than 3000 people in person.
  • I ran the recruitment process for the highly competitive Graduate program and interviewed over 1000 university graduates
  • I’ve run workshops for university students to help them boost their employability skills

Interesting Facts:

  • In addition to recruitment, I’ve worked as a chemistry tutor, a waitress, and a travel agent (none of which I had any experience in before I started)
  • As well as a Bachelor of Business and Psychology, I have a ‘Mouseters’ in People Management from Disney University, where I worked for a year after uni.
  • I speak French and know how to juggle

Where to Next?

Thanks for learning a little more about me, now let’s talk about you. 

Who are you?

I specialise in three main areas, click the one that sounds the most like you to get started!

  1. Career Foundations – For those chasing their first real jobs and wanting to get a head start on the crowd
  2. Career Kickstart– For those looking to jump back into the world of work after a break
  3. Career Maintenance-For those happy where they are, but still wanting to be prepared

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