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Career Resources

Ok, now things are getting serious. The whole point of what I do is to helcareer resourcesp wonderful people like you to have the career they want to have. This is a list of some of the ways I can do that, (while also putting food on my table).

I know job hunting time is usually not when you’ve got the most cash to spend, and I price my services to reflect that as much as possible. I really believe in the value of what I offer as a long term investment; think about buying a pineapple vs learning how to grow one yourself.

  1. Review My Resume – If you’ve already got one and are looking for opinions or improvements, starting from $5! (yep, I didn’t forget any zeroes, Five bucks!)
  2. Career Chat – Getting started is hard! Why not have a 30 minute, no-obligation talk with someone who cares about getting you to where you want to be? Drop me a line and we’ll sort out a time
  3. Coming soon: Ongoing Support – Have an expert at your back as you job search, go for interviews and possibly freak out a few times.
  4. Coming Soon: Skills workshops – Targeted workshops designed especially for Graduates and people returning to work
  5. More – If you’re looking for something not listed here, I still want to help! Contact me here, we’ll sort something out.

These are the products and services I currently offer, however I’m working to add new things all the time, so check back regularly for more career resources.

Still on the fence? Why not get to know me with some free resources (think of it like a first date, and I’m buying the ice cream)

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