Free Facebook Health Check

Free Facebook Health Check

Get an inside perspective on what recruiters see when they look you up.

Why care?

Up to 50% of employers now have a formal policy when it comes to using someone’s online reputation to help make hiring decisions *1.  Unfortunately, around 30% of people don’t make any conscious effort to manage their online presence. *2

This is bad news, since the vast majority of recruiters report that something they’ve seen on a candidate’s online profile has made them reject an application. Talking from personal experience, I can agree; I’ve seen people turned down for roles based on some Facebook posts that made it quite clear this person was not the right cultural fit.

Now we can debate about whether or not it’s even appropriate for recruiters to be doing this sort of online profiling, or we can use it to your best advantage.

After all, it’s not just about avoiding the ‘bad’ stuff (hot tip, few companies want to hire someone who regularly posts pictures of themselves in compromising situations at 3am). Having a positive online presence can actually help you get to the next stage of the process.

Free Help!

Join our private Facebook Group, Team Grownup and send me a message with this code: FREECHECK.

I will put my recruiter hat on to let you know what they see when you apply for a job. Photos, comments from friends, grammar and spelling, I’ll give your profile a thorough once-over and let you know if there’s anything that might help you get that job faster.

Normally this would set you back $24, but because we’re friends, it’s completely free! Remember, join the group, message me and within 5 days, you’ll have your result.

(If you’d like a more in-depth review of your online profile, or to talk about another aspect of standing out to prospective employers, contact me directly here)

Free Facebook health check

Tips for managing your online presence:

  • You can still be you, just do it privately.
    • With Facebook’s privacy settings, a lot of what goes on your wall can be completely hidden from recruiters’ eyes.
    • Just make sure your profile picture is semi-respectable – alcohol and drug use are not super appealing to recruiters, regardless of what they personally do after work
    • The same goes for your ‘likes’ and group membership. If your profile says you’re a fan of ‘chucking a sickie’ what message does that send to a potential employer?
  • Spelling and Grammar
    • 72% of recruiters see spelling or grammar mistakes on social media as a negative *3
  • Get positive
    • Why not use your social media presence to make yourself look better? There’s no harm in ‘liking’ a few things relevant to the job you’ve applied for; think ‘technology’ if you’ve applied for a job at a smartphone company.






For more on this see Business Insider Australia’s review at



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