Free Career Resources

Free Career Resources

Yep, totally free career resources, just for you.

I know that money can be in short supply when you’re job hunting, so here are a few free resources to help you get started. If you want more support, we’ve got that too.

Free career resources

  1. Free Facebook Health Check – Ever wondered what recruiters see when they look you up online? (And I promise, they do look you up online)
  2. Coming Soon: Free Work Diary Template – If you’ve ever felt stumped when asked asked one of those ‘tell me about a time’ questions, this is the tool for you.
  3. Coming Soon: Rate my Interview Outfit – Not sure if what you have planned is going to make the impression you want? Follow this link for some feedback to make sure you look and feel like the perfect candidate!

These resources should get you up and running, remember to sign up for the newsletter for more free tips and tricks to get you to the next step in your career.



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