Career Foundations – Your First Real Job

How to Start your Career: Things Nobody Tells You at School

So you’re looking for your first real job. Congratulations! Maybe you’ve just finished your studies and are ready to be let loose on the world, or maybe you’re looking for a part-time job while you get that qualification.

Unfortunately, when it comes to work, there’s a whole lot of things they don’t teach you at school or university (trust me, I had to learn a lot of them the hard way).




1. Get Used to Job Hunting

With today’s employment market, it’s normal to expect that you’ll change jobs every 2-5 years for the rest of your working life.*1 This means you’re probably going to need job seeking skills about as often as you’ll need to vote.

Statistically speaking, it’s likely you’ll have 7-8 different jobs by the time you turn 30. That’s a lot of job applications and interviews, so it’s important you know how to do it effectively.

2. Find a Way to Stand Out of the Crowd

Not to add to your stress levels, but it’s a highly competitive market out there. In 2015, there were an average of 39 applications for every 1 Graduate position advertised in Australia. *2

Standing out of the crowd of applicants takes more than academic performance and extra-curricular activities. A strong, appealing resume can make the difference between getting the interview and a ‘no thanks’ email.

Interview skills also matter; I’ve seen two people with very similar resumes get very different outcomes based purely on their performance in an interview.

3. Know How to Excel Once You’re In

So you’ve got your first real job, that’s great! What happens next?

Building a successful career means learning to navigate office politics, how to work smart to get a promotion and how to deal with mistakes, because you will make them (we all do).

The Shortcut to Success

These things take a while to learn, but if you want to get ahead of the crowd, I want to help you!

Knowing how to successfully find work (and do well once you’re in) is a skill you’re going to need on a regular basis for the rest of your life.

I’ve interviewed over 1000 University graduates for a highly competitive Graduate program, so I know what separates the good applications from the amazing ones. I’ve picked up a lot of tips and tricks that can save you time and stress when it comes to job hunting and I’d love to share them with you. For example, did you know that your Facebook page can affect whether a recruiter decides to progress your application?

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*1 “You Should Plan On Switching Jobs Every Three Years For The Rest Of Your Life” – Fast Company

*25 ways to stand out in Australia’s insanely competitive graduate job market

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