Career Kickstart – Getting Back into Work

Getting Back into Work: It’s a Whole New World

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It’s been a little while since the last interview, and you’re looking to dive back into work.

Coming back after a break, no matter how long, can be daunting. What’s changed when it comes to job hunting? You may wonder.



1. Things change quickly in the Job Hunting world

The one constant in the world of work is change. New trends appear all the time when it comes to cover letters and resumes. What worked 2 years ago may not be as effective any more. Did you know that many companies use keyword search technology to decide if an actual person should read your resume or not?

New social networking sites like LinkedIn have changed the game completely; at any given moment, someone can bring up your work experience, figure out which people you both know and reach out directly to your inbox. The scary part is, that’s mostly a good thing (if you manage it effectively).

2. Learning to Sell your Transferable Skills

Maybe you don’t want to go back into the same kind of role you did before. That’s perfectly normal.

The average person nowadays will change careers multiple times in their lives (so far, I’ve been a Chemistry Tutor, a Travel Agent and a Recruiter-not what you’d call a consistent career path!).

What this means is that you’re going to need to sell more than the technical skills you’ve picked up; employers are desperate for those hard-to-teach soft skills like time management and initiative, so make sure you show them what you’ve got!


3. Rock that Confidence

When you’ve been out of the game for a while, it can be easy to lose faith in yourself. Looking at all those long lists of ‘must haves’ in the job descriptions, or showing up to a group interview with a bunch of shmick-looking young things can really knock the wind out of your sails.

If you let it.

Even though we’ve never met, I can say with conviction that you are an amazing person. Whatever you’ve done to make it this far in your life and to now decide to jump back into work with both feet, this is what makes you special. It’s now just a matter of making sure the recruiter sees that too.

The Shortcut to Success

These things can take a while to pick up, but if you want to kickstart your career, I want to help you!

I’ve read about 10,000 resumes, and interviewed 3000 people, many of whom were returning to work after some time off. I know what it’s like to be time poor and looking for work, and have picked up a few tips and tricks to make life easier.

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*1 “You Should Plan On Switching Jobs Every Three Years For The Rest Of Your Life” – Fast Company


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