Career Maintenance – I Like My Job For Now

Career Maintenance: I Like My Job, but I Love to Be Prepared

career maintenance

Job hunting is like going to the dentist: most of us put it off for as long as we can, only to need major emergency help, very quickly.

It makes sense, if you like where you’re working, it’s easy to get comfortable. But just doing a couple of things now to maintain your employability will make a huge difference next time you’re looking for work.


1. You’re Probably Going to Change Jobs in the Next 5 years

Today’s employment market has moved away from the “one company, one career for life” model, towards a ‘buffet style’ of work, where people change roles on average every 2-5 years. The stigma of job hopping is decreasing, freeing up workers to seek out their next challenges.

It’s easy to say this is due to the loss of loyalty in workers, but it also reflects the reality that most companies don’t feel obliged to show loyalty to their employees and so lose out to those that do.

What this means for us is we are more likely than not to need interviewing skills on a regular basis. Even if it’s not an external interview, going for a promotion often means a similar process to looking for work; getting attention, making an impression and surpassing the criteria.

2. Build Your Safety Net

When it looks like the end of a role is near, a lot of stressful things go through your mind. Apart from the financial questions and the thoughts of what others will think, often the next worry is: now where did I save that copy of my resume?

Developing a habit of updating your resume regularly and keeping a work diary of successes and learnings is a great way to ensure you’ve got everything you need to put together an impressive resume at a moment’s notice.

Plus the work diary may help you spot some patterns and opportunities in your day to day role that could indicate your hidden strengths and what might appeal in your next job.

3. Keep Those People Skills Sharp

Building a network is a vital part of career maintenance. Whether it’s seeking out a mentor (internally or externally), offering to mentor someone else or maintaining your relationships, the people you know can make a huge difference in your career.

Trust me on this one; early in my career I had some challenges maintaining relationships with stakeholders, to the point where it affected my performance. I spent a year consciously working on this and the difference it made to my entire work life was incredible.

The Shortcut to Success

These things can take a while to pick up, but if you want some help when comes to Career Maintenance, I want to help you!

I’ve had three different careers all within the one international organisation, including a solid stint in recruitment, so when it comes to keeping on top of that background maintenance, I’ve got a few tips and tricks to make life easier.

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*1 “You Should Plan On Switching Jobs Every Three Years For The Rest Of Your Life” – Fast Company


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