What’s With the Pineapples?

You might have noticed all the pineapple pictures around the website and wondered what’s going on? Well, apart from being my favourite fruit, pineapples are actually pretty special and have a lot to teach us about how we think about our careers.

1. Pineapples are an investment

From planting one to slicing it up to toss in a cocktail, Pineapples take 3 years to mature. That’s a really long time for one piece of fruit!

This also happens to be about how long the average person today remains in one job before moving on to the next challenge. Pineapples remind us that it takes time and patience to grow into your role, but that it’s also important to keep an eye out for the next thing because time can go by in a flash.

2. Pineapples are a fusion

Pineapples actually start out as a bunch of berries or ‘fruitlets’ that fuse together over time around the core to create one big yummy fruit. (No wonder it takes so long to grow!)

Each person’s career is also made up of many unique experiences that come together to define it. Education, early jobs, mentors, mistakes, promotions, changing jobs, training, every little bit of experience becomes a part of your career, and adds to it as a whole.

3. Pineapples can surprise you

While the main fruit is flowering, the plant can start growing offshoots in different directions, called rattoons. Picking these off the plant at the right time, you can start growing more pineapple plants, but if you leave them on, the mother plant won’t make any more.

Sometimes career opportunities come in directions that are completely unexpected. Not every opportunity is one that’s right to take, and that’s ok, but without taking a new chance every now and then, nothing is going to change.

4. A Pineapple’s primary purpose isn’t to impress others

Back in the 18th century, when transporting fruit halfway around the world was a lot harder than today, pineapples were a status symbol in England. People would put them on display to show how wealthy and powerful they were to be able to afford something so expensive. You could even rent them out for a party to impress your guests!

Having a job that you’re proud to tell people about at parties is nice, but if that’s the main reason you’re doing it, you might be missing the point. It’s supposed to be how it makes you feel inside, just like the sweet taste of a pineapple upside-down cake.

So, now you know my terrible secret, how much I really love pineapples. To find out some more useful secrets, ones that will help you to build, kickstart or maintain your career, check out my latest blog posts and join our exclusive, private Facebook group, Team Grownup, for weekly tips and to get support from like-minded people.

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